The Midstream Medical Care Facility or MMC is a specialised medical care facility situated within the larger Midstream Precinct. It provides permanent accommodation for individuals that require different levels of medical assistance.

The three-story structure has 72 en-suite rooms and is designed to facilitate the application of medical care to its residents on three levels. The ground floor, first floor, and second floor is zoned respectively for Independent Living, Frail Care, and Assisted Living. Communal lounges, entertainment areas, and large gardens allow the residence to interact socially, whilst spacious bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms communicate a homelike atmosphere.

The building is oriented along its long axis to optimize the Nothern exposure in central lobbies and communal areas. The building axis is cranked at its center to follow the line of the street to optimise the view of the North and harbour a central courtyard to the south between itself and the Dementia Care facility.

The monotony of three floors on top of one another has been avoided by treating the ground floor as a plinth that carries the first and second floor to create an elegant building mass wrapped in a concrete apron that floats above the landscape. Windows are set back in the building facade to avoid overexposure to the elements. Stark, rigid shapes set the backdrop for elegant organic lines that frame building elements and protrude from the building to create a porte-cochere for ease of access.

Diagonal face-brick panels on the facade double as ducts for rainwater pipes and services. The face brick reduces the areas that require repainting and maintenance. This was a specific requirement in the project brief. These ducts also improve the thermal insulative properties of the building by creating air pockets around the building skin.

The building services had to be well hidden and integrated into the building envelope, as the building responds to a public threshold in all directions.

The Midstream Medical Care sits sensitively yet proud amongst a generally suburban area, with close proximity to hospitals, day clinics and supporting medical facilities. Manicured indigenous gardens and good security make the guests and visitors feel safe and secure in their new home.

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